MKU Vice-Chancellor is destroying employees’ unity, MUFA alerts university staff and says VC did not personally invite Minister for convocation


MADURAI: The Madurai Kamaraj University Faculty Association (MUFA) has today sent a strongly worded circular to varsity staff cautioning and alerting them that the present Vice-Chancellor Prof.J.Kumar is meddling with the unity of MKU employees and pensioners.

In a circular issued on 7th November 2023, the MUFA had alleged that the vice-chancellor is attempting to destroy the staff unity and is diverting the focus of employees in various sections by making all promises to them except their salary.

“It is unfortunate that a section of employees fall prey to these tactics of VC. Only our united struggle would get us our monthly salary. Our association is striving and doing everything to weave employees’ unity among teachers, employees and pensioners to win our salary and other demands,” the MUTA circular dated 7th November 2023, has said.

Stating that the prospects of receiving salary from the month of November is grim, MUFA had cautioned that any show of disunity would only embolden the Vice-Chancellor who failed in his duty to ensure staff salary every month.


“Let us all band together and show empathy for one another, rather than showing sympathy with the Vice-Chancellor because he could not get us salary and pension on time. We are living in an exceptional period in Madurai Kamaraj University. The VC is not having direct communication with government but is sending some middlemen for discussions on critical salary issue. For the recent annual convocation, he had personally invited the Governor for convocation while he carefully avoided directly inviting the Higher Education Minister. The convocation invitation to the government was delivered by only nodal officers. This has further strained the relationship with State government which provides financial support to our university. Our association feels that the VC got shaken by seeing the unity of employees, and hence is attempting to destroy the staff unity in MKU. The challenge we face is mammoth because we must get salary every month. United we stand, divided we fall,” the MUFA circular has said.


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