Affiliated colleges must send their faculty to MKU for answer paper valuation, Academic Council discusses the issue threadbare

MKU Vice-Chancellor Prof.J.Kumar at Academic Council meet held on 21st March 2023.

MADURAI: The issue of speeding up the answer paper valuation process and publish semester results quickly by the Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU) has come up for discussion at the varsity’s Academic Council meeting held here today- March 21st 2023.

This matter was discussed threadbare after a few members had raised concerns over the huge delay that is taking place in MKU for paper valuation and publishing of exam results. Academic Council members Dr.P.Ponramu of Government Arts College in Melur and Dr.K.Mohan of MKU College in Madurai have demanded that the university authorities must take steps to speed up the central valuation process and declare the semester exams results in time.

“We must pass a resolution on this important matter in this meeting today because it is an issue that concerns out students. The MKU must change its answer paper valuation system and see that exam results are published quickly. When other universities are going for admission notifications, we are yet to release the exam results because paper valuation work is not over still. It is time for our university to frame strict rules for paper valuation and take steps to release the semester exams results quickly without any delay,” Dr.Ponramu has said while raising the issue at today’s academic council meeting.


Responding to the points raised by members, the MKU Vice-Chancellor Prof.J.Kumar and Syndicate member Dr.Pushparaj have said that steps will be taken to streamline the paper evaluation system and will also talk to college principals soon.

“It was brought to our notice that many college Principals are not allowing their faculty to come for answer paper valuation work to the university. We have to bring changes and experiment new things to complete paper correction in time and publish the results. Maybe, we can have a dedicated time of five or six days exclusively for paper valuation work for faculty of colleges. We can also try digital valuation method where a faculty member corrects a particular number of papers at a given time. We will talk to college principals on this issue soon,” MKU Vice-Chancellor Prof.J.Kumar has assured.


MKU Syndicate members at Academic Council meeting on March 21st 2023.

Dr.Mohan of Madurai Kamaraj University College (Alagarkoil Road in Madurai) has urged the university to make paper valuation mandatory for eligible faculty. “I request our Vice-Chancellor to direct all the principals of MKU affiliated colleges to send their teachers for answer paper correction. Especially the autonomous colleges must be given instructions because we know that autonomous colleges are not keen in this and their teachers are not turning up,” he pointed out.

Replying to this, MKU Syndicate member Dr.Pushparaj has given an assurance that the concerns of Academic Council members will be taken into account and Exam Committee meeting will be convened soon by the university.

During the discussion on this issue, Dr.Ponramu of Government Arts College in Melur had brought to the attention of varsity authorities that at present 54 answer papers are being dumped before each faculty member per day, and “even drinking water is not provided to them in the paper correction hall.’ (At today’s academic council meeting, a notice for discussion was given to request the MKU Syndicate to announce ‘ONE CHIEF+Two Additional + 36 paper per day valuation).


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