Chennai Rotarians want Rotary International to put District 3232 bifurcation ‘on hold and rethink’ following Ravi Raman’s arrest (Part 2)


CHENNAI: A fervent appeal has been made to the Rotary International (RI) by a substantial number of Rotary club members in Chennai to put on hold the bifurcation of RI District 3232 in Chennai as the current situation is not conducive to bifurcate the district into two districts.

This request has come from Rotarians since the Rotary International Board took a decision to bifurcate RI District 3232 into RID 3233 and RID 3234 with effect from 1st July 2024.

“We have strong reasons to make this appeal to the RI because there is already lot of confusion among the Rotary clubs in Chennai after the recent arrest of Rotary District Governor Elect businessman Mr.Ravi Raman in a cheating and fraud case following allegations of cheating to the tune of Rs.118 crores in his business dealings. We do not know what happens to his police case and who will be the Rotary District Governor for the year 2023-24. Considering the overall interest of Rotary image, it will be better if the Rotary International Board reconsiders its decision or atleast put on hold the scheduled bifurcation. There should not be a hurry at this juncture to go ahead with bifurcating the RI District 3232 into two districts,” a few Rotarians in Chennai told ‘Lotus Times’ website today- on March 17th 2023.

The Rotarians have also expressed deep anguish that the bifurcation of 3232 at this moment will only benefit two rival groups who are spoiling the image of great Rotary movement in Chennai because these two groups are resorting to all means to put their men in positions in these two bifurcated districts once the bifurcation comes into effect.

“Our image in Chennai has already taken a beating after the District Governor Elect Ravi Raman arrest episode as he was arrested last week by the police and investigation into this personal business dealings is going on right now. So, the Rotary International Board can rethink about the proposed bifurcation by holding an emergency RI Board meeting in the interest of Rotary’s image in Chennai,” a few senior Rotarians have expressed while speaking to ‘LotusTimes’ website today.


Meanwhile, the election schedule process for Rotary bifurcated district 3233 has been already announced and nominations for the post of district governor have been invited from 3rd March 2023. Nomination have been called for District Governor Nominee and District Governor Nominee Designate for DG 2024-25 and 2025-26 for Rotary District 3233.


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