Should we have a 320 acres palace for Indian President?


MADURAI: In the interest of a public cause and people’s / taxpayers’ welfare, the ‘Lotus Times’ website from Madurai- is raising a valid question and will do a campaign as a national interest for the cause of our people because the Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi’s Government which is taking many radical schemes for the housing of the poor.

One fundamental question from ‘LotusTimes’ news website is: Why should there be a huge Rashtrapati Bhavan for our President? What is the annual expenditure? Is our President of India under more threat than our country’s PM? The area of Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi for our President of India’s accommodation is in 320 acres, it has 340 rooms……..Mr.Modi, please think. Give a well security protected residence for the Indian President and put the Rashtrapati Bhavan to better use. You can take a reform here too?

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