Governor, Vice-Chancellor posts may be abolished soon?


MADURAI: The need for posts of having a State Governor and university Vice-Chancellors of State-funded universities is set to come under debate and discussion very soon as strong proposals have been sent to concerned authorities at the Centre to scrap these two posts because of expenditure reasons and questions raised for their necessity.

It was learnt that High Courts in respective States are there to take care of Constitutional matters and hence the need for a Governor system- with huge funding and large bungalows are not required. For universities, the suggestion given was that the Registrar is enough for every university to take care of administrative matters with the support of Syndicate, Senate and Academic Council. And, hence a recommendation was mooted that appointments of VCs and separate Vice-Chancellor system (in some cases with political interference) is not needed at all for all Government-funded universities. This is only a preliminary information received from sources today- on 4th August 2020.

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