700 tokens issued for Avaniapuram jallikattu (video)


MADURAI: The Madurai district administration has taken various precautionary  steps to ensure ‘Incident free Injury free’ jallikattu to be held in Avaniapuram near here.

Totally 700 tokens will be issued on first come first served basis to bull tamers who lined up in queue from early morning today 13th January 2020. The participants are submitting required documents for registration and tokens to take part in Avaniapuram jallikattu pongal festival.

A senior official told reporters that Madurai district collector Dr.T.G.Vinay has given instructions that safety measures should get top priority and 2020 Jallikattu should not see any untoward incident or injuries.         

Waiting for Jallikattu tokens at Avaniapuram, Madurai 13th Jan 2020.

Doctors, veterinarians, livestock personnel and police are working in coordination for Avaniapuram jallikattu. Special barricading was done at the place where tokens were issued to participants.

Special steps were also taken to ensure that there is no token duplication by creating a secret number for every token after verifying the particulars of each bull and bull tamer.

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