An Amla a day keeps the doctor away away…(Audio)

Dr.P.Banumathi, former Dean, Home Science College, TNAU, Madurai.

MADURAI: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is the popular saying for general health. Now, one more adding to it. An ‘Amla’ a day keeps the doctor away away. Yes. The small fruit ‘Indian Gooseberry’ – Amla -, called as ‘Nellikkai’ in Tamil’ which is rich in Vitamin C has many medicinal¬†qualities that give us good health with its multi-benefit richness.

“Amla (Nellikkai) is a speciality small fruit…. It is rich in Vitamin C which in turn helps in Iron absorption. Iron is essential for Haemoglobin formation. So, one¬† small Amla or in Tamil we call it as ‘Nellikkai’ can give many health benefits,” Dr.P.Banumathi, former Dean of Home Science College (H.Sc), TNAU, Madurai, told ‘Lotustimes’ news website on 12th November 2019 ahead of the World Diabetes Day on November 14th.

Amla increases the immunity power of our body, it burns fat, our ancient Ayurveda uses Amla extensively, it meets fibre need etc and hence it is an easily available good small healthy fruit in our hand.


Dr.P.Banumathi says that rural / village people are more healthy than those in cities and towns because healthy food and clean environment with very less pollution along with good physical activity are making a healthy difference between rural and urban areas.

“The cooking method is different in villages….they use our old ‘manpanai’ while we use cookers in urban homes…..The nutrients are lost through cooker cooking….Also, I advice people to consume more vegetables and fruits for a healthy life. Diabetes is not a disease, it is only a metabolic disorder. Controlled diet, eating more green leaf / vegetables, ‘keerai’, and anti-oxidant Amla shall put us in full rhythm,” explained Dr.P.Banumathi.    

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