CHENNAI: DMK Organisation Secretary Mr. R.S.Bharathi, M.P., submitted a complaint today- (20.7.2020) – to THE COMMISSIONER OF POLICE, GREATER CHENNAI, regarding Fake Twitter Account in the name of the Leader of Opposition, Mr. M.K. Stalin, seeking immediate action required for offences which will affect  public tranquility and public peace. He was accompanied by DMK Legal Wing Secretary Mr.R.Girirajan.


Date : 20-7-2020.

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       Sub:- Fake Twitter Account- In the name of- the Leader of Opposition, Mr. M.K. Stalin- Immediate Action Required for Offences- Against Public Tranquility- Public Peace- Complaint-Reg.***

1.     In the recent past, unknown persons creating fake Twitter account of the Leader of the Opposition and the President of the DMK party is on the upsurge. The motive behind fabricating bogus account is only to bring disrepute, cause injury and  todishonour Mr. M.K.Stalin  and to lower the image of DMK party and its leaders in the eyes of general Public especially, Hindus.
2.     The DMK party has already lodged few complaints in this regard and there has so far been no action taken as per law. This has emboldened the miscreants to repeat the same and now playing with the religious feelings of the people of Tamil Nadu.
3.     On 17/07/2020 a fake twitter id was created in the name of the Leader of  Opposition and the President of the DMK party Thiru.M.K. Stalin and a post with the following words was published.

 “கருப்பர்கூட்டத்தின்மேல்தேவைஇல்லாதவிமர்சனங்கள்எழுந்துள்ளதுதமிழர்களின்குலவழிபாடும்அய்யனாரும்சுடலைசாமிவழிபாடுதான். மாற்றாகபார்பனர்களின் முருகன்வழிபாடல்ல. ஆகையால் கருப்பர்
கூட்டத்திற்குதேவையானசட்டஉதவிகளை திமுகசெய்யும்.

4.     The contents of the above tweet are made in a page which is      look alike of the twitter page of Mr.M.K. Stalin. The DMK party has made it clear it is not approving any activity of the said ‘KarrupurKuttam” , which is demeaning or insulting the religious sentiments of the People.

5.     Since, the offender has accessed and created fake id of   Mr. M.K. Stalin, through a computer resource, he is punishable under   section 66 of the   Information Technology Act 2000.The act of the offender is also liable to be punished under
section 66 -A (b) and (c),66B,66C and 66 F (B)  of the said Act.

6.     The reading of the contents, further, reveal that it was made with an intent to, attempt to promote enmity, ill will between different religious groups viz., believers of Lord Muruga and other gods and between different castes viz., Brahmins and non-brahmins, who are living in harmony in the State. Allowing persons to carry on such illegal activities will be prejudicial to the Public Tranquility and hence the said act is punishable under sections 153 A (1) (a) and (b) and 505 (2) of the Indian Penal Code 1860.            

7.     Since, the fake twitter id is created with a fraudulent intention to cheat the general public to make them to believe that it was from  the twitter id of Mr.M.K.Stalin, based on fabricated electronic records which are false documents as per law, the said act is also punishable under sections 420,468 and 471 IPC.

8.     Hence, we request you register a case on this complaint and to deal with the offenders as per law, failure of which   may lead to a situation where these offenders to repeat the said offences and be threat to public peace and tranquility.
Thank you,

                                                             Yours Sincerely                                                            

                                                      (R.S. BHARATHI, M.P.,)

                                                       Organisation Secretary,


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