Congress party leader Mr.Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan.

CHENNAI: What started as a pilot project in Madhya Pradesh has now seems to have been extended to Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan. 

Even as the country and several States are battling Corona virus infection and the spiking COVID-19 cases, the desert State of Rajasthan has today unfortunately become a casualty as the saffron party has shown its piloting skills of coming to power by sitting in Lutyens Delhi and maneuvering the desert State Congress MLAs with a young pilot in the flight to power. On July 13th 2020, the Congress govt in Rajasthan is in crisis as Pilot took the flight to Delhi..

The new mode of toppling governments by taking away a group of MLAs from the Congress party into the BJP and forming a government has become a routine. It is a shameful act for a party that claims to be a party with a difference. The BJP should not try to encourage splitting of MLAs into camps and claim power. 

Time to pity the Congress party for its internal squabbles and lack of unity within. It is also time to condemn the BJP’s newfound gameplan of indirectly helping in toppling State after State and forming government with support of breakaway leaders from another party.

BJP is going against ethics. BJP is taking India towards ‘One Nation One Party’ system as all other opposition parties get wiped out. Time to think about our Constitution and B.R.Ambedkar.  If India goes towards only one party, it is dangerous. Time to teach a lesson to that one party.

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