Follow CCTV for BJP Victory (VIDEO)

MADURAI: Tamil Nadu BJP State Secretary Prof.Dr.R.Srinivasan has given an easy work model for party functionaries asking them to follow ‘CCTV’ which, he said, will definitely bring the BJP to power in Tamil Nadu replacing the Dravidian parties.
The CCTV formula stands for COME, CONTRIBUTE, TRANSFER. VACATE. “If our party cadres at all levels function with this spirit, it will not only strengthen the party but also brings our party to power soon,” he said while informally addressing BJP office-bearers of Madurai Rural district, here on September 3rd 2019 Tuesday.

A small meeting was arranged at a marriage hall in Pandkoil in Madurai to celebrate the birthday of State Secretary and Madurai Zone BJP in-charge Prof.Dr.R.Srinivasan.
Madurai Rural district BJP president Maha.Suseendhran and his team extended birthday greetings to State Secretary.
“BJP is a very noble party drawing its roots from the values-rich patriotic RSS. For us, patriotism and nationalism are mantra. So our working mode must be Come, Contribute….Transfer (Get the votes transferred to our party example Modi’s image etc … with your talent and get the people’s support translated in to votes for our party in your area.) And if you are unable to do justice to your post in the party for any reason, please Vacate your post  so that others can do the work. This will be a very effective strategy,” Prof.Dr.R.Srinivasan, has said while thanking the Madurai Rural district team for their birthday wishes.   


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