Rajini, please take rest: Don’t come to politics. BJP?


MADURAI: Celluloid is different and stardom is a kick. But, trying to start a political party at this age is a huge risk for Rajinikanth, the superstar. Because he is not a NTR.

After dilly-dallying and with a half-hearted approach, he seems to be entering into direct politics. This is not celluloid Rajini. This is ‘POLLULOID’. Today’s politics is not suited for you, that too for your spiritual politics (‘Aanmeega Arasiyal’).

Because BJP is not a party that was once upon. The Vajpayee-Advani-Thackerary days are over. Today’s BJP will eat you away. Please withdraw your move. Don’t get overwhelmed by Mr.Tamilarivu Manian’s advice and people like him. They are all Past Expiry Date for today’s political context.
So, Mr.Rajinikanth, please stop your films because it is giving losses to film distributors and theatres.

Please stop your political party plans because you will face the same situation like of your film distributor. Please take rest. At this age it is the best for you. Enjoy the Himalayas and the Hills. 
Politics Kills.  10th February 2020.


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