Bypass surgery is always safe than STENT for heart patients, advises Apollo Hospital’s top cardio thoracic surgeon Dr.V.Sridhar

In Madurai on 22nd July 2022.

MADURAI: Dr.V.Sridhar, senior cardiothoracic vascular surgeon at Apollo Speciality Hospitals in Madurai, has today advised that going for a bypass surgery is the best treatment option for severe coronary artery disease when compared to stents. “Apollo Madurai has covered a new milestone of introducing Endo Vascular Vein and Radial Artery hearvesting system. This is a superior method and a newer technique for a less pain surgical procedure for heart attack patients. In the last two years, we did this for nearly 500 heart attack cases in Madurai Apollo. Don’t avoid surgery because of your fear. This is our guidance for heart attack persons based on excellent results,” Dr.Sridhar said while talking to reporters in Madurai at a press meet in Madurai Apollo Hospital on 22nd July 2022.

The scar size is limited. This new bypass surgery method is different from conventional bypass surgery. because in conventional method we need to make a long incision in the led to harvest the veins and prepare for use as a conduits, he said. “Patients who undergo bypass surgery are more safe in with their heart when compared to those who had stents. In Madurai Apollo Hospitals, over 8,000 open heart heart surgeries were performed with a success rate of 99 per cent. The Apollo Hospitals in Madurai is fully equipped with advanced heart care treatment technology,” Dr.V.Sridhar had added.

Mr.P.Neela Kannan, Chief Operating Officer, Apollo Hospitals-Madurai Division, Dr.Praveen Rajan, Joint Director of Medical Services- Apollo Madurai and Mr.K.Manikandan, General Manager-Marketing and Sales-Apollo Madurai Division, were among those who were present at the press conference in Madurai on July 22nd 2022 where it was highlighted by them that MINIMAL INVASIVE SURGERY-ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT DEVICES AND ENDOSCOPIC VEIN HARVEST SYSTEM are being used for heart attack patients and how the success rate is higher due to the advanced medical treatment technology available in Apollo Speciality Hospitals in Madurai.

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