“BJP is estate owner in Tamil Nadu, will not beg for alliance with any party including AIADMK or Premalatha for 2024”


MADURAI: Senior leaders of Tamil Nadu BJP have made it very clear today that the party’s high command at New Delhi and top national leaders had given clear instructions to State leadership to ‘not beg any political party in Tamil Nadu for alliance in the coming 2024 elections.”

This clear stand comes just hours ahead of the BJP national president Mr.J.P.Nadda’s visit to Chennai on February 11th 2024.

“There are questions being asked by the media to BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu whether DMDK Vijayakanth’s party will join with NDA for the coming Parliament elections and whether Mrs.Premalatha is in touch with our party. The reply from our side is “there is lot of difference between estate owner and a manager. Now, BJP is the estate owner in Tamil Nadu…..The national leadership had asked us to don’t beg anybody for alliance including AIADMK and Mrs.Premalatha or anybody else. We will even go alone in the Lok Sabha 2024 elections, but will not beg for alliance,” a very senior leader of Tamil Nadu BJP told ‘Lotus Times’ news website over phone from Chennai today evening- on February 10th 2024.

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