MADURAI: The life of an Indian is in an pitiable stage today. Rivalry between hyper nationalism and pseudo-secularism is giving a tough time time to every true nationalist Indian today.

Amidst the burning issue if NPR and NCR between the BJP and Opposition parties in India, the simple question is that how many ID Cards should an Indian possess in his purse or carry to prove that he is a citizen of India?

Already, there are many ID cards given from State to national level. We have driving license, ration card, voter card, PAN card, Aadhaar Card, Passport proof, gas cylinder address proof, birth certificate, bank account address proof, land line phone bill, and a bit paper we have of the already taken national Census for counting our population in India in the 2010 Census.
We have the proof. What more you want us to prove? Do we need to prove again that we are born in India, our legal ancestors were in India and we live for India? If there is a problem in a particular region, tackle it and handle it with deft and with military. Please let India come out of  ID-Card phobia. Every citizen on this soil is for India only. Only political parties are doubting Indians’ credentials about citizenship.

It is time for the Indian Government to let every Indian come out of this ID-Card phobia and the time has come to stop this citizenship doubts. LET INDIANS LIVE IN PEACE.


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