(Video) Queen Mira School sets success aura from Madurai with focus on stress-free ‘happy schooling’ model

In Madurai on 30th July 2022.

MADURAI: The Queen Mira International School (QMIS) situated at Kochadai in Madurai has today (on 30th July 2022) once again reiterated to parents and students that its education mission will continue to be to provide a ‘Happy Schooling that ensures stress free-emotional well-being, foresighted teaching methodology, academic excellence, holistic education, emotional stability and a methodology that gives room for success from classrooms.’

This is a CIS-accredited CBSE school in Madurai that is following a benchmark holistic education model from its inception and hence got the accreditation from Council of International Schools (CIS)- Netherlands for its academic performance, education standards, students’ safety and learning environment etc.

A quality message was sent out from the QMIS premises in Madurai today- on 30th July 2022- where the school management had organised a special moment to celebrate the success of the school students performance and achievement in Class XII and Class X CBSE Board results declared in July 2022.

The school management held a pressmeet in Madurai today to bring to light the success and laurels of students who brought laurels in board examinations. Two girl students- Divya Shree R and Shri Neethi V have scored 495 out of 500 marks in Grade 10 Central Board exams in academic year 2021-22 the results of which were declared recently. At the State level, the duo secured third rank while topping the list in Madurai district. In Grade 12, Siva Bhagya S E secured third rank in Madurai district with 490 marks. These students and Krithika M, a Grade 12 student, spoke on how the school teachers shaped their thinking skills and prepare for board exams.

Dr.C.Chandran, chairman of QMIS-Madurai, told reporters today that the school teachers did a commendable role with their dedication for students performance in Class X and Class XII CBSE Board exams 2022. “Our school teachers are giving orientation to children for Happy Schooling and independent thinking. The basic philosophy and mantra of Queen Mira School in Madurai is that discipline must be the most important factor thanks ranks and marks, and it should be inculcated for students. At the same time, our teachers had made the children to learn thinking independently thereby giving shape to my thoughts on which in this school started,” QMIS Chairman Dr.Chandran added.

Mr.Abinath Chandran, QMIS Managing Director, had stressed on the importance of holistic education for children, a stress-free academic environment, a school that focuses on studies and sports equally, a school campus where the students enjoy classroom learning. ‘I owe the success and our kids performance in Class X and Class XII to our academic team. A Happy Schooling environment was created to impart stress-free education to all students of Queen Mira International School. There is an emotional connect in teaching-learning process at every step in all classes,” Mr.Abinath Chandran said.

Ms.Sujatha Guptan, Director-Academics, QMIS, spoke about the significant achievement of school teachers and tudents, and especially the toppers of Class X and Class XII who scored very good marks in the CBSE exams this year. ‘MORE AND BEYOND is our school’s tagline…….Stress-free schooling, emotional well-being of our students, teaching methodology with a foresight, physical education and quality time for academic preparation etc are making it possible for the successful performance of students in Board exams. I thank the parents and teachers of all classes for making this possible,” she said in her introductory remarks while felicitating the Grade 10 and 12 CBSE Board examinations on 30th July 2022.

Among those from the QMIS management who spoke about the students’ success to the media, parents and students at today’s press meet include Ms.Anita Rajesh and Ms.Sheeba.


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