Only 30 per cent of engineering colleges are investing in future technologies, laments J.P.Gandhi

In Madurai on 24th July 2022.

MADURAI: Well-known career consultant and education analyst Mr.Jayaprakash Gandhi has expressed concern that only 30 per cent of engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu are really investing in future technologies and this is not a good sign for engineering education scenario.

“If engineering colleges have to survive, they must invest on future technologies. Parents and students must make right choice of courses and colleges because only colleges that are focusing on future technologies will be able to churn out engineering graduates who will suit the future trends. Remember always that revolutionary changes are happening in IT sector and the future belongs to digital technology,” Mr.Jayaprakash Gandhi has said while talking to ‘Lotustimes’ news website in Madurai on 24th July 2022 Sunday.


He also expressed concern that the Anna University management is not giving much importance to strengthen its university departments and its constituent colleges. “Anna University is unfortunately not putting focus on its own departments and hence the cut-off mark is coming down drastically. I strongly feel that the university management needs to strengthen its existing departments and colleges instead of starting new ones,” Mr.Jayaprakash Gandhi had observed.

The country’s leading career consultant also said that the job opportunities and scope in all fields will be more in coming days- be it manufacturing, medical, banking, legal, arts and sciences etc- but what is essential is that “our students must be equipped with digital technology skills. Students and parents are ignorant about future technologies and career consultants like us provide that important inputs. It is important for our students to equip themselves with skills sets- in CLOUD COMPUTING, QUANTUM COMPUTING etc as we are moving rapidly from the Artificial Intelligence to revolutionary future technologies.’

Mr.Jayaprakash Gandhi has also appealed to students and parents to be careful with social media information because ‘social media is affecting students’ careers and jobs. “Don’t get carried away by social media information and comments. Make right choices, do some homework for courses and branches, enter into right colleges and definitely you will be successful. The mantra is LEARN FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES,” he added.

Mr.Jayaprakash Gandhi was in Madurai on 24th July 2022 to address a career guidance programme organized by CAMS- Computer Associates of Madurai Society, where he spoke extensively and gave valuable inputs for students on what to study and how to choose a right course to get a right job based on what is going to be in demand in the future.

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