Madurai Railway Division goes hi-tech tracking of trains through graph plotting at its Control Office in Madurai


MADURAI: The Southern Railway’s Madurai Division is now having a control organisation for running trains based on a mode of police department. This train control office is functioning in the Madurai Divisional Office complex, it plays a crucial role during disruption to train operations owing to various reasons such as loco failure, rail defect, mechanical failure etc. The control office of the concerned department in the railways plays a critical role in managing and resolving the failure at the end by coordinating with the operating control, it reduces the train detention time and restores the train traffic to normalcy.

A press release received from the Madurai Division of Southern Railway here on 29th June 2022 had informed that the control unit with its operating control systems will monitor and regulate the movement of mail/ express, passenger and freight trains and it is directly in touch with station masters in all railway stations. In recent days, train movements are supervised and captured in real time with the use of CONTROL OFFICE APPLICATION for effective monitoring of scheduled and unscheduled trains.

With the deployment of COA, a scheduled train can be started from one terminal to another by plotting the graph through information. Earlier, controllers on railway stations used to draw lines manually in a graph chart. Data will be captured and it will used for plotting the graph showing the train movements.

The updated movement tracking method is available in the Southern Railway in its six divisions, it will be useful during emergencies- operating in commercial, signal, telecommunications, engineering, mechanical, traction and security sections.

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