2 top private hospitals in Madurai influencing RELIGIOUS CONVERSION? From Hindus to Christians?


MADURAI: A very sensational piece of information was gathered by the ‘Lotus Times’ website in Madurai today that some employees in TWO WELL-KNOWN PRIVATE HOSPITALS IN MADURAI- are indulging in religious conversion activities- from Hindu to Christian- for the past four years, and because of their influence a few Hindus got converted from Hindu to Christian.

On 20th May 2022- we have verified with a few persons who were associated with these two leading private hospitals in Madurai. “Definitely it has happened and is happening. Patients and lower level staff of these hospitals are being influenced. Hindus are being focused here for converting to Christian…… This needs to be probed in detail as poor Hindu patients become easy targets,” a very reliable source told ‘Lotus Times’ English website in Madurai today evening.

THE NAMES OF THESE TWO LEADING PRIVATE HOSPITALS IN MADURAI will be revealed only after getting the full details about persons who got converted from Hindu to Christian, because of hospital staff influence. “THERE IS A VERY PLANNED OPERATION -MODUS OPERANDI. Hope the truth will come out on how religious conversion is happening silently here. That the employees of these two private hospitals in Madurai are getting involved in this religious conversion activity is a shocker,” a reliable source connected to these two private hospitals in Madurai, told ‘Lotus Times’ website today evening.

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