‘Hybrid heart surgery’, a new addition at Apollo Hospital in Trichy for cardiac patients

KIND HEARTS: The Apollo Hospital team explained about hybrid surgery at Tiruchi press meet on 22nd September 2021.

TIRUCHI: The Apollo Hospital at Trichy is now equipped with yet another latest procedure in cardiac care with the introduction of a ‘hybrid heart surgery’- which is known as Hybrid Coronary Revascularization (HCR), an upcoming type of heart surgery that provides the patient an alternative to traditional Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery where minimally invasive CABG and angioplasty are combined to achieve better outcomes.

At a press conference organized on 22nd September 2021 by Tiruchi Apollo, the salient features of hybrid method and patient’s response were explained to reporters by the team of cardiac doctors’ team, anaesthetists and Mr.A.Samuel. Senior General Manager and unit head of Apollo Speciality Hospitals in Trichy.

BENEFITS OF HYBRID (CABG and Angioplasty):  

The hybrid heart surgery procedure was so far done for two patients at Apollo Hospital in Tiruchi by a special cardiac team of cardio-thoracic and vascular surgeon Dr.Srikanth Bhumana and Dr.Ashwene, cardiac anaesthetists Dr.Saravanan and Dr.Rohini Mayur Balaji, supported by interventional cardiologists Dr.Kader Sahib, Dr.Shyam Sundar and Dr.Ravindran besides Dr.L.K.Senthilkumar, interventional paediatric cardiologist.

Quicker recovery, much smaller incisions, minimal blood loss, faster pain resolution, shorter hospital stay and eary return to work are the benefits of hybrid heart surgery procedure, the medical team had explained at the press conference. “Coronary artery disease (Heart Attack) – Prevalence rate is increasing in India and became most common cause of death. Heart attack is caused by the blocks in the blood vessels supplying the heart, which is treated either by 1) bypass surgery or 2) angioplasty (where a stent is placed),” doctors said.

In Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) – Traditional bypass surgery where chest bone is split open (Sternotomy is done), and bypass grafting done by using grafts from chest (internal mammary) and legs (vein). Post operation recovery is relatively slow due to long healing time of breast bone (normal bone healing time – 6 weeks). Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery – (MICS) New technique where breast bone (sternum) is not cut, and a small incision is made in the side of the chest to perform heart surgery (CABG and valve replacements). There by avoiding all the complications of delayed recovery and wound healing, decreases the length of stay in hospital.

Hybrid coronary revascularization (HCR) is a new and upcoming type of heart surgery that provides the patient an alternative to traditional coronary artery bypass surgery. Where Minimally invasive CABG and angioplasty are combined to achieve better outcomes. 

KEY HOLE CABG PROCEDURE – The patient usually first undergoes coronary artery bypass grafting through a small incision in the left side of the chest, where in left internal mammary artery is used for bypass. The patient then undergoes coronary angioplasty a day or two later to treat the remaining blocks in the heart. The patient is generally discharged on the 4th day after admission.

Dr.Srikanth Bhumana and his medical team told reporters that Hybrid CABG was done on two patients, In first case, he was a young man, working abroad, planning early return to his regular employment (Physical work) so he underwent hybrid revascularization. In second case, an elderly gentleman with co-morbidities and he was very weak to undergo conventional CABG. In view of his old age & clinical conditions he has taken the choice of Hybrid CABG.

“Hybrid revascularization cannot replace traditional bypass surgery. The surgeon and the cardiologist have to choose the right patient with appropriate coronary anatomy to get the best outcomes.” said Mr. A. Samuel, Sr. General Manager & Unit Head Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Trichy.

Among those present at the press meet by Tiruchi Apollo Hospital include Mr. K. Manikandan, General Manager Marketing – Madurai DivisionDr. Sivam, Medical Administrator and Mr. R. Sangeeth, Deputy General Manager

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