Teachers Day to be observed as ‘Save Education Day’ opposing National Education Policy


MADURAI: The All India People Science Network (AIPSN) and with several other organizations across the country have decided to observe 5th September 2021- Teachers’ Day- as SAVE EDUCATION DAY, opposing the Union Government’s National Education Policy (NEP).

“Despite many pleas, suggestions and critical appraisal, the Union Government has proceeded to implement the NEP unilaterally by totally ignoring all opposition, scholars criticism and suggestions even from the States which are Constitutional stakeholders in the subject of education. There is no rationale at all, and it is sad that the aggressive roll-out of the NEP done without proper discussion in the Parliament or in the States because education is in Concurrent list,” Prof.P.Rajamanickam, general Secretary, AIPSN, has said in a strongly worded press statement issued from Madurai today- on 4th September 2021.

Stating that many objections are being raised ever since the draft proposals were released last year, he pointed out that some States have adopted resolutions in their Assemblies opposing the National Education Policy. “There are several reservations. The AIPSN is continuing its nationwide campaign against the NEP launch. A Joint Forum of Movement on Education was formed and together we have decided to observe Teachers’ Day as Save Education Day on 5th September 2021,” he added.

Prof.Rajamanickam has said that the AIPSN firmly believes that NEP is detrimental to the future of India and its youth. “NEP withdraws the State from education and leaves it to individual choice upon unequal economic ability. Private and corporate interests will dominate. There are strong fears that NEP abandons the Right to Education Act altogether and hence the poor students, SC/ST, weaker sections will be affected,” he observed.

The strong centralizing tendency of the present Union Government is not good for the country and it tramples on the rights of States with regard to curricula, role of school boards etc, he said and added that NEP will lead to ‘EXAM RAJ’ at classes 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12. AIPSN Central Secretariat office is in Madurai MUTA Building. Its president is Dr.S.Chatterjee, general secretary is Prof.P.Rajamanickam and treasurer is Dr.S.Krishnaswamy.

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