Illegal child adoption at Madurai’s Grace Kennett Foundation?


MADURAI: An alert was received today that a through probe must be done at the Grace Kennett Foundation in Madurai immediately because there are strong doubts about illegal child adoption- child trafficking taking place there. The ‘Lotus Times’ website has received information on condition of anonymity on 4th July 2021 (Sunday) that some orphan kids who were being taken care of in the Grace Kennett Foundation in Madurai were given for adoption to childless couples through fake documents. 

“In the name of adoption, fake certificates, fake documents were prepared and some orphan kids were given to parents through adoption. There are doubts about this. It is said that 18 children were given for adoption through illegal means and fake documents. In the last eight years, something wrong has happened in Grace Kennett Foundation, Madurai. We request the police and the government departments to hold full investigation in this childcare centre of Grace Kennett Foundation in Madurai. There are doubts about the role of a few health inspectors also,” a whistle-blower had alerted ‘Lotus Times’ website in Madurai on 4th July 2021.   



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