MADURAI: The Madras High Court’s order of refusing to allow Tamil Nadu State Government’s order to permit 100 per cent in multiplex cinema malls/ halls must be seen as a big blow to ‘Master’ Vijay whose much awaited film which is being released in cinema theatres in the State and outside for Pongal 2021 after a long Corona lockdown rules (January 13th).

Questions and doubts are coming on why actor hero Vjay should meet a CM at night time? Is there such an urgency in Tamil Nadu and for the CM to meet his request than meeting the COVID-19 emergency? If Hero ‘Master’ Vijay is so concerned about the people of Tamil Nadu and their welfare from Corona virus, why should he go for a late night appointment with the CM and actor Vijay should not keep the Tamil Nadu people in dark……..In the end, the Madras High Court’s order and the quick intervention of Union Home Ministry in the last three days was a good augury that ‘Master’ and ‘Mersel’ cannot dictate laws and force the people. Justice had prevailed thanks to the High Court and Centre. Is Vijay’s Master more important than Corona virus? PLEASE THINK. Vijay may be a Reel Hero, but our laws and Courts are real heroes in protecting Indians.

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