BJP must stop ‘Ji’ in TN; call as ‘Thiru’ & sing ‘Tamil Thai’


MADURAI: A suggestion was given to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tamil Nadu by a keen observer from Sydney in Australia through an e-mail sent to the ‘Lotus Times’ website- on 17th November 2020 urging the BJP leaders and cadres to avoid calling leaders with prefix ‘Ji’. Instead, the BJP leaders should be addressed with prefix ‘THIRU’.

The observer from Sydney by name Mr.Rangabalan has asked website ‘Lotus Times’ to forward his suggestion and request to Tamil Nadu BJP State president Mr.L.Murugan, Mr.K.Annamalai and other leaders in the party, stating that the party meetings should start with ‘Tamizh Thai Vazhthu’ and then say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’.

“Since I do not have the BJP TN E-mail ID, I am requesting you to forward my request to the State BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu. All leaders should be addressed with prefix ‘THIRU’. Avoid ‘Ji’. Address even the all India leaders with ‘Thiru’. Do not use ‘Ji’. These changes will have very good effect on Tamil Nadu voters,” Mr.Rangabalan has said in his e-mail sent to the ‘Lotus Times’ website in Madurai with a request that it be forwarded to BJP leadership in Tamil Nadu.

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