MADURAI: The manner in which elections and poll campaigning are taking place in the political sphere in various States of India, and the way in which the voters are just siding with Mr.Narendra Modi and his party BJP for the last six years looks like a disturbing sign for democracy. The opposition parties, the regional parties, the federal structure of our Indian Constitution, the regional aspirations, the local values etc must get their dominance back. It is time for local-regional parties and national parties to co-exist in India. The election results from Bihar and other States on 10th November 2020 is a warning signal.

If BJP alone becomes the single party eating away the regional parties- local parties- people’s outfits giving voice to people’s rights etc, then why should India have a democracy, why a Constitution of B.R.Ambedkar that guarantees federalism, why a media that derives its right from the Constitution and why people should be puppets of just the BJP alone. Is India moving towards ONE PARTY RULE? See how the American voters had triumphed, trumped, Trump is gone, Biden has won……….The US has two parties. But India is entering into a dangerous zone of just one party. Please ponder over and vote.

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