MADURAI: The manner in which Bills are being passed in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in the last three days, and the manner in which Farmers’ Bills were urgently passed in the Rajya Sabha on 20th September 2020, in the name of protection of farmers, creates a fear whether India is moving towards ONE NATION ONE PARTY under the present BJP regime at the Centre under Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi and Co. When this farmers suffering has been there for seven decades, why the urgency to pass a Bill with voice vote at the time of Corona spread?

When Opposition voices, Opposition parties and those little-small voices who are expressing against the BJP are being stifled, controlled, threatened and pressurized, is it possible for India to have a multi-party democracy, free media, freedom of expression. freedom of speech etc. The steps being taken by the BJP in the name of one nation slogan is a threat to the Constitution, because there will be no opposition in this political game.

ONE NATION ONE TAX, ONE NATION ONE RATION, ONE NATION ONE EXAM etc are already over. Is India moving towards the dangerous zone of One India One Party where only the BJP will be there? It is time for democratic voices to come together and save opposition parties in all States. Do not allow not the Lotus to swallow other parties. Save India….because we need ruling party and opposition voice in the interest of our people.

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