Dalit professor not getting salary for 15 months in MKU


MADURAI: An Associate Professor belonging to a Scheduled Caste who is working in the Madurai Kamaraj University’s Centre for Tourism and Hotel Management here is not getting monthly salary for the last 15 months because it was stopped by varsity authorities.

The Dalit faculty Mr.R.Paneerselvam (age 59 years) has appealed to the MKU Vice-Chancellor Dr.M.Krishnan and university top officials to pay salary on humanitarian grounds to him in order to run his family. The salary was stopped to him citing a legal case with regard to retirement age for him (58 years or 60 years and the case is going on). So, citing court case, his salary is not being given.

The affected faculty Prof.Panneerselvam has said on 13th September 2020 that technical reasons or legal issues should not stop a teaching faculty’s monthly salary because he is working in his Department in the university even now and because of no salary his family is in trouble. (FULL DETAILS OF THIS CASE SOON).

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