I just tried it as a comedy: Hotel Temple City owner


MADURAI: Hotel TempleCity owner Mr.K.L.Kumar has said today that his public message of asking Nityananda for opening a hotel in ‘Kailasaa’ country’ being claimed by him was just done for a comedy. “I wanted to know some truth about the Kailasha country being claimed by Nithyananda. Crores of Indians and Hindus are confused. I am not interested to start any hotel in that ‘Kailasa’ country as being claimed in some sections of social media to have been established by Nithyanandha…… I sent the letter message to him just like that only through social media I got a reply from that person. I did not expect a reply from Nithyananda,” Mr.’Temple City’ Kumar categorically told ‘Lotus Times’ news website- www.lotustimes.org- here on 24th August 2020.

He further said today that he became nationally famous in just two days with his letter showing interest to start Temple City Hotel in Kailasa country (whether it is there or not is a different story). “He is doing some comedy and so I wanted to do something. Nithyananda said he is releasing gold coins as currency denomination and some persons from hotel industry like me tried to know what is really happening. I got lot of publicity,” Mr.Kumar of Hotel Temple City has said today. It was learnt that Hotel Saradhas in Tiruchi too had sent a message to start a hotel in ‘Kailasha’ island country of self-styled Godman Nithyanandha who is a fugitive.

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