Advani, Ayodhya and BJP: Corona stopped Amit Shah


MADURAI: For a great leader L.K.Advani, there are followers across India and across political spectrum. Without his high risk ‘Rath Yatra’ for Ayodhya Ram temple, there is no BJP today. It is applicable to many leaders who are now enjoying the power because of this strong man’s efforts then.

The national media has widely reported how great Advani was humiliated and insulted by some new elements in the BJP in last few years. God is great always. Advani was insulted, but Amit Shah will be missing in action as Home Minister of India and as an important BJP during the foundation stone ceremony of Ayodhya Ram Temple on August 5th. What you deserve you will get. Advani is always great for Hindus, Muslims and Christians, because he stood for a strong India.

Without Advani, there is no BJP today, there is no Narendra Modi today and definitely no Amit Shah today.

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