Prof.Ved Prakash, former UGC Chairperson.

MADURAI: Former Chairperson of University Grants Commission (UGC) Prof.Ved Prakash has today opined that online mode of teaching for students has emerged as an alternative teaching mode because of Corona crisis and no classrooms in universities, colleges and schools.

“Online seems to be line for teaching in today’s Corona virus context and virtual teaching should continue. The best available alternative before us is online teaching . So, our universities, colleges and all educational institutions must surmount their strategies,” Prof.Ved Prakash told ‘Lotus Times’ news website over phone today- on 20th July 2020.

He had suggested the educational institutions to upgrade their educational tools and orientation to all teachers to use these tools for teaching becomes important as the situation warrants. “Teachers will have to get equipped with recording of lectures and video-audio presentations as this became the need of the hour to teach students during lockdown period,” he added.

Prof.Ved Prakash has said that online teaching-learning mode and online classes mode for students must be in two-ways- to enable questions from the students and teachers answering to students like in a classroom. “Corona has brought a change in our functioning style…..thermal screening- face mask etc are a reality now. So, education system will also undergo a change. Remove all obsolete topics and chapters in syllabus,” he said on 20th July 2020.

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