Butterfly Conclave Zooms children’s love for nature

Butterfly drawing sketch by a participant on 12th July 2020.

CHENNAI: It was a day dedicated for butterflies. On a total lockdown Sunday, a group of passionate bird watchers and nature lovers came together to unlock the talent and enthusiasm of children from various places in Tamil Nadu who were sitting in their homes, got connected online to colourful butterfly theme through online Zoom platform.

Thanks to the initiative of ‘Podhigai Charal’, a bird loving forum in Chennai that that makes people enjoy bird watching, a State Butterfly Conclave-TN was conducted on 12th July 2020 in two sessions with children learning all about butterflies and also take part in drawing via online zoom meeting.

The active role of this event brainchild and ‘Podhigai Charal’ founder Mrs.C.Thangamathi made the conclave possible as nearly 100 participants from various districts in Tamil Nadu took part enthusiastically and children drawing colourful butterflies.


(L TO R): Mrs.C.Thangamathi, Mr.Zaher (drawing master) and Mr.Boodhathan.

“This effort is for the sake of our next generation. They should know about our birds, animals, lakes, natural resources, environment, waste management etc. Enjoying our nature and protecting it will go together in our events as especially children will be oriented in our classes by bird experts. Since yesterday was a total lockdown due to Corona, we went ahead with butterfly conclave through Zoom session,” Mrs.Thangamathi told ‘Lotus Times‘ news website – www.lotustimes.org – sharing information about the conclave.

Bird watching classes are being held online from March 30th as intense lockdown is there in Tamil Nadu due to COVID-19 pandemic. There is Youtube channel Birds2Birds, special WhatsApp groups that connects bird and nature lovers and classes with activities that make children learn and enjoy several types of birds.

“Our initiative ‘Podhigai Charal’ was started in the year 2019 and we take children to bird sites. For example to Pallikaranai area in Chennai in the morning…….thanks to experienced bird watcher Mr.Aravind who talks about bird species and varieties,” says Mrs.Thangamathi. Bird classes also are conducted specially in Chennai at places like Velachery.

Then, there is participation from other places like Salem too from where Mr.Ganeswar spoke to participants and another bird expert Mr.Raveendran. “Yesterday we had butterfly conclave, and in coming days we will do for another subject- another bird or another animal. The response from parents and children, the enthusiasm of bird lovers, participation of bird watchers is very encouraging. We are doing everything free. Public support is welcome,” she added.

The first State Butterfly Conclave 2020 yesterday was jointly organized by ‘Podhigai Charal’ in association with Wildlife Association of Rajapalayam (WAR), Act for Butterflies (Coimbatore), Rhopalocera and Odonata Association of Rajapalayam (ROAR) emphasizing the need to conserving butterflies and take it up as a serious hobby.

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