MADURAI: Continuing with any sort of truck or alliance or understanding with BJP in the coming 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections will be a ‘political suicide’ for the AIADMK and also a threat not only for its vote bank but also a huge setback for its future, Mr.Thamimun Ansari, general secretary of Manidhaneya Jananayaga Katchi (MJK) and Nagapattinam MLA, has opined.

“M.Narendra Modi’s image or political ‘mayajaal’ will not work in Tamil Nadu and it was already evident in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections when it was almost a clear duck for the AIADMK side. Had they contested alone then, they would have won atleast 10 seats. Why Modi’s popularity did not work in Tamil Nadu? It is because people and voters of this State will not go with divisive BJP agenda,” he said on 10th July 2020.

Speaking to ‘Lotus Times’ news website ( over phone from Nagapattinam yesterday, Mr.Thamimun Ansari had observed that the BJP type of politics and its North India political strategy will not work in a State like Tamil Nadu.

“Here, people go with peace and harmony, justice and equality. Religion based politics has no takers in Tamil Nadu. Moreover, BJP and Modi are taking away the rights of States. People now are thinking that the AIADMK is giving away our State’s rights. So, I feel that the AIADMK will rethink on continuing its tie-up with BJP and that is the people’s perception,” he pointed out.

Responding to a question, the MJK leader has said that many other parties may come towards the AIADMK for electoral tie-ups if there is no BJP in that grouping. “Already the PMK and DMDK are there with AIADMK. In the present context, if BJP is not there then other parties too may think of joining,” he added.


Mr.Thamimun Ansari has categorically said that his party- MJK- will decide on its stand in January 2021 for the next Assembly elections. “Social justice and social harmony are two eyes for our party which was started five years ago. Political empowerment of minorities Muslims and their mainstream participation is our goal. Not only minorities, there are many progressive thinkers, youth and students joining our party. We have close to five lakh cadres spread in all districts of our State,” he informed.

Mr.Thamimun Ansari has said that the BJP will go wrong if it thinks that Tamil Nadu also will be on its side and people here will vote for it.

“In India, States like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Kashmir, Nagaland and Manipur have a different characteristic unique to them. When people want love and peace, how will they choose BJP? Just because Mr.Modi wears a Tamil traditional ‘Veshti’ or just by quoting a few couplets of Thirukkural will not change the people’s thinking. BJP cannot win even a single assembly or a single Lok Sabha seat on its own in Tamil Nadu. That is why it depending on Dravidian parties. How its ally Shiv Sena was treated in Maharashtra is an example. So, it is for the AIADMK to decide,” the Nagapattinam MLA has said.


Stating that the BJP cannot get some a sizable number of votes anywhere in Tamil nadu except in Kanyakumari, Mr.Thamimun Ansari said the game plan of weakening a few political parties will not succeed for the BJP in Tamil Nadu because there is no political vacuum in the State and the vote share of both the two big Dravidian parties is intact.

“Our party will not be there in any alliance where BJP is there. That is very clear. Issues like the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), rights and freedom of minorities and their progress, protecting State’s rights, social unity and communal harmony are some of the issues our party MJK will focus upon. India is a diverse country, unity in diversity is India’s strength and that needs to be protected. So, as a political party leader from Tamil Nadu, I will say that BJP will just be seen as an also present party and people will not vote for it,” the MJK leader concluded.

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