MKU VC takes fast action on ‘bundle in bus’ (video)


MADURAI: Acting swiftly on the answer-sheet bundle found lying in a bus, the Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU) Vice-Chancellor Prof.M.Krishnan today initiated action against erring staff and also instructed for immediate paper valuation of 138 answer-scripts which were found in a bundle.

“Based on our Syndicate members’ report after their enquiry, we have issued memo to five persons. Paper valuation will be over in one or two days and that will be done by the best teachers. Nothing to worry. The second semester results will be declared without any delay,” the Vice-Chancellor told ‘Lotus Times’ news website today – 12th February 2020.

The lapses that are said to have occurred were probed by a five-member MKU Syndicate team and action will be taken after further discussing this issue at the next Syndicate meeting, he assured.

Semester exams were held in November 2019 but one particular bundle containing covers of answer-sheets were found in a bus. The college in question, according to authorities, was of the students of Sacred Heart College in Dindigul.

“The 138 answer scripts belong to various subjects………I will take tough measures to prevent such things and I can assure the students that second semester results of 69,000 students will be published in two days,” Prof.M.Krishnan said today – 12th February 2020.

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