‘Thai Amavasai’: Food to pilgrims at Rameswaram (video)


RAMESWARAM: On the occasion of  holy ‘Thai Amavasai’ on 24th January 2020, ‘annadhanam’ was organized in Rameswaram providing food to pilgrims and devotees.

This was done under the auspices of Sri Annapoorani Amavasai Annadhana Kainkarya Sevai, Madurai, in which a large number of devotees were provided breakfast and lunch yesterday (Friday).
‘Thai Amavasai’ is an auspicious day in Tamil calendar and is significant because people perform special ceremony seeking the blessings of their ancestors and forefathers.

This was the 12th year of annadhanam program by Sri Annapoorani Amavasai Annadhana Kainkarya Sevai and this service through food was initiated by late M.M.S.P. Krishnamoorthy. Food was served to pilgrims at Sri Adichunchanagiri Math in Rameswaram.

A committee of members including Mr.N.Damodaran (one of the founding members of Annadhanam programme), Mr.M.M.S.P.K.Gopinath and Mr.M.M.S.P.K.Vinooth, have made arrangements for this annadhanam with support and contributions from friends, family members and hilanthropists. 

Late founder M.M.S.P. Krishnamoorthy.


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