Palamedu jallikattu sees injuries, lathi-charge (video)


MADURAI: The second jallikattu event this Pongal season in Madurai was successfully conducted at Palamedu in Madurai district today 16th January 2020. Yesterday, it was held at Avaniapuram here.

In Palamedu, more than 600 registered bulls and bull tamers are participating. This jallikattu was held under the supervision of retired district judge Mr.Manickam. While 30 persons were injured, seven persons were referred to the Government Rajaji Hospital (GRH). Those injured include bull tamers, bull owners and viewers.

Minister R.B.Udayakumar, Madurai district collector Dr.T.G.Vinay and MLAs were present in the morning at the lagging off of this Palamedu jallikattu. Ambulances and medical teams are kept ready for any emergency. In the evening, prizes were distributed to winners.

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