Madurai Jains’ gesture to Palani temple devotees


MADURAI: Reflecting their spirit of service, the Jain community in Madurai Rajasthani Jain Society here had carried out devotee feeding ‘Annadhanam’ to pilgrims visiting the famous Murugan Temple at Palani in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.

This ‘annadhanam’ to Palani Murugan devotees was organized at Sempatti village where devotees going to Palani temple by walk were provided with food for three days from 14th to 16th January 2020. 

According to Jain Sangh spokesperson Mr.Dinesh Salecha here, this is the 29th year of ‘Annadhanam’ by Madurai Rajasthan Jain Society and food was served three times a day starting from morning breakfast.


From Madurai, several Jain social servants and Jail philanthropists were involved in conducting the three-day ‘annadhanam’ seva to those on Palani temple ‘padayatra’. On each day, nearly 10,000 devotees were given food in ‘Jain Paddhathi’ besides tea and snacks through the day.

Among those who led the service team from Shri Rajasthani Jain Association in Madurai to Palani devotees include Mr.Sayarmal Bhandari, Mr.Kantilal Palgota, Mr.Tilokchand Chaudary, Mr.Madanlal Chaudhary, Mr.Jugaraj, Mr.Suresh Jain, Mr.Bharat Kanunga, Mr.Lalchand Jain, Mr.Rahul Bhandari and others.
“Annadhanam is a noble service for Jain community people….To provide food for those who are walking on a highway in a ‘padayatra’ to have darshan of Lord Murugan at Palani temple is really a great opportunity for Madurai’s Rajasthani Jain Association to get involved with seva spirit,” Mr.Dinesh Salecha said today – 16th January 2020.

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