BJP Madurai party fund: Demand for quick probe


MADURAI: The complaints of BJP functionaries in Madurai who have alleged that party fund and election funds are not reaching them fully is likely to get the attention of State and Central leadership soon.

Allegedly, some complaints against misuse and diversion of party funds, no-receipt collection of funds from business establishments and whether there are proper receipts/accounting are creating anguish among the BJP cadres in Madurai district since they feel that funds collected in the name of the party is not reaching ground level functionaries, who struggle for money to hold party activities/meetings etc especially during elections.

BJP office-bearers here were in touch with ‘Lotus Times’ news website in the last 10 days saying that something wrong is happening in Madurai. They smell and suspect that the fund allotted to them is not reaching them as full amount. This source-based story was already published expressing cadres’ agony over siphoning off by some party persons.


The ‘Lotus Times’ website today contacted Tamil Nadu BJP State Women’s Wing President Mrs.A.R.Mahalakshmi to get a reaction about the anguish of poor cadres. She said:

“Already when this report is in open space and public domain, let there be an enquiry. What else can I say……I too have received some complaints and allegations….So, it will be better to hold a hearing by State level leaders…..I have forwarded the allegations I received to my top leadership. Let the media do its duty and allow our leaders to take their decision. That is all from my side,” Mrs.A.R.Mahalakshmi has said over phone today. Field level BJP workers say they want funding support for carrying out party propaganda events in Madurai.

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