Why Hindu temples must pay taxes, but not Churches or Mosques (English video)


MADURAI: A Hindu priest and a spiritual personality has raised some valid points and asked a straight question on why revenues of Hindu temples are taken by State governments whereas not a single rupee is collected from either Christian Churches or Muslim Mosques.

“Devotees contributions and funds must belong to Hindu temples only….Out of temple’s income collections, 23.5 percent of total contribution is being taken away by Government….But you don’t take a single rupee from Church or a mosque. This is the concern of Hindus in India today,” a worried Hindu priest has observed.    

Questioning why Hindu temples are being taxed, the guruji expressed his concern that temples are being shown a disparity by Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State governments in particular while they are lenient towards Churches and Muslims.   

The HIndu priest also said that Hindus are not opposed to doles / subsidies being away by State governments for Muslim Hajj pilgrims Muslims or any subsidy to Christians going to Jerusalem, but why the Hindus and their temples should be targeted by so called secular Governments. The questions are more pointed towards Andhra Pradesh Government.

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