Rajapaksa-Modi meet: Journalist TRK speaks (Audio)

Mr.T.Ramakrishnan, Associate Editor, The Hindu, Chennai.

MADURAI: Senior journalist and Associate Editor of ‘The Hindu’ newspaper Mr.T.Ramakrishnan has rated the Rajapaksa-Narendra Modi meeting in New Delhi on 29th November 2019 as a ‘success and good start’ by the two leaders to strengthen India-Sri Lanka ties.

After he got elected recently as new President of Sri Lanka, Mr.Gotabaya Rajapaksa chose to visit India first and he held talks with PM Mr.Modi on various bilateral issues. 

PM Mr.Narendra Modi with Mr.Gotabaya Rajapaksa on 29th Nov 2019.

“I would rate this meeting as a success. The way in which Mr.Modi welcomed and responded is a good start that augurs well for both the countries,” Mr.T.Ramakrishnan, who was Colombo correspondent from April 2015 to August 2016, has said speaking to ‘Lotustimes’ news website over phone yesterday.

The 400 Million Dollar Line of Credit announced by Prime Minister Mr.Modi for Sri Lanka, the issue of safeguarding Tamils’ interests, fishermen safety and maintaining of peace and security in the Indian Ocean region which were discussed in the Rajapaksa-Modi meeting is a positive sign, he added.

“Sri Lanka will not do anything that antagonizes India. Even if we take the issue of its relations with China, the island nation will not do anything that harms India’s interests. I am sure that Mr.Rajapaksa will keep India in good humour and Mr.Modi’s policy of strong friendly relations with neighbouring countries is a positive aspect of our international relations,” Mr.TRK had observed.

He expressed confidence that the first meeting between Mr.Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Mr.Narendra Modi will pave way for positive solution to various issues especially the welfare of Tamils in northern province.

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