A Haemoglobin Mission by Dr.Revathy Janakiram (Audio)


MADURAI: If it is to tackle Iron-deficiency anaemia, the name that comes first to mind in Madurai region is Dr.Revathy Janakiram.

A very popular obstetrician and gynaecologist from Madurai who held high positions in government hospitals in Tamil Nadu, she give her sweat and blood 24 hours to create public awareness about haemoglobin level among teenage girls through 12X12 movement schools which educates that 12 grams of haemoglobin is a must for 12-year-old school girl.  


Madurai’s Dr.Revathy Janakiram receives 2019 prestigious award at Mumbai.

Dr.Revathy Janakiram was presented with ‘The Pride of FOGSI Award’ at a function held in Mumbai on 23rd November 2019 by the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) for her decades of distinguished service and exemplary service for women’s health.
Talking to ‘Lotustimes‘ news website on 30th November 2019, she said that the award is a great recognition for her at national level and her focus areas of work is to create awareness about the importance of nutrition and Haemoglobin level among school-going girls.


FOGSI Award 2019 given to gynaecologist Dr.Revathy Janakiram of Madurai.

The Madurai-based top gynaecologist, who is a sought after specialist for pregnancy and deliveries because of her complication handling medical skills, says that girls must be healthy by taking nutritious food / greens/ green leaf vegetables and Iron-rich food. 

“Maintaining right haemoglogin 12 grams is important for teenage girls….Otherwise it impacts during reproductive age…..Adoloscent girls need more attention from parents. Nutrition is important for being good in studies too…..Breakfast should not be avoided and my concern is especially for girls in rural areas. In urban areas, junk food must be avoided. Special attention is a must for teenage girls due to menstraul issues and 12gms haemoglobin level is essential,” she had advised.

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