Cake mixing ceremony at Madurai Poppys Hotel

Cooperation Minister Mr.Sellur K. Raju at cake-making ceremony in Poppys Hotel.

MADURAI:  Christmas cake making ceremony began today (3rd November 2019) at Poppys Hotel in Madurai unveiling the spirit of festive season and a great aroma for the visitors.

The chefs of Poppys Hotel along with a large number of guests took part in this festive event and it was a great time to put hands in the mixing pots to make a perfect Christmas cake, according to a press release here today. 


Mr.Sellur K.Raju, Minister for Cooperation, Tamil Nadu Government, Mr.Kumar, president, Madurai District Hotels Association, Ms.Vichitra Rajsingh, CEO, Bell Hotels and Puppys Bakery, Pastor Bro.D.Jestin, founder of Host of the Lord International (HOLI) Ministries, and others took part in this exciting traditional cake mixing ceremony.

According to Mr.R.Jayaraman, General Manager, Poppys Hotel, Madurai, cake miking is an age-old tradition the world over and for coming Christmas the hotel will host the guests in a great way.        

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