MADURAI: Patriotic Monk Swami Vivekananda had delivered his famous speech in the Parliament of the World Religions in Chicago in America on 11th September 1893. When he began addressing the delegates as ‘Sisters and Brothers of America’, he received a standing ovation and his powerful speech introduced India and Hinduism to the West.
Senior BJP leader and former Rajya Sabha MP Mr.La.Ganesan had explained the significance of this Chicago speech when he addressed a large gathering of school and college students at a special event held in Ramakrishna Math in Madurai on September 11th 2019. Ramakrishna Math had organised year-long celebrations to mark the 125 years of Swami Vivekanda’s Chicago speech.
“Swami Vivekananda is a role model for Indian youth. He aroused the consciousness of people of our great nation. By awakening the minds, he made our people understand our ancient civilization, greatness of Hinduism, nationalism and about man-making education,” Mr.La.Ganesan – LG -had explained to the students.

The veteran BJP leader from Tamil Nadu has urged the students to read more about patriotic monk Swami Vivekananda to understand the importance of character building education, ancient Indian civilization, tolerance, Hindu religion and service to mankind.
Mr.Ila.Ganesan has said in his speech that Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is a disciple of Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Mission. “Patriotism means Vivekananda, service means Vivekananda. His Chicago speech on September 11th which was delivered 125 years ago is still inspiring India and will continue to do so. So, this day is important to all of us for ever,” he said.
Swami Kamalatmananda, president of Ramakrishna Math, Madurai, State BJP leaders Prof.Dr..R.Srinivasan and Mrs.A.R.Mahalakshmi, were among those who were present. 


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