CHENNAI: With Dr. Mrs. Tamilisai Soundararajan moving to Telangana Raj Bhavan as State Governor, the talk and suspense is now about who will be the next State president of Tamil Nadu BJP?.
According to reliable sources in State party headquarters ‘Kamalalayam’ in Chennai T.Nagar on September 4th 2019, choice is now between three persons – State secretary Prof.Dr.R.Srinivasan, another State secretary Mr,K.T.Raghavan and vice-president Mr.Nainar Nagendran. Dr.Srinivasan and Mr.Raghavan are very popular spokespersons and faces of Tamil Nadu BJP.
“As on today, Dr.Srinivasan seems to be the first choice followed by Mr.K.T.Raghavan. Both have worked for several years for our ideology for decades in different capacities. The choice will be between these two persons…..Of course, well experienced Nainar Nagendran is there in our State politics for a very long time but several cadres have expressed that Mr. Nagendran could wait. So, the party may choose between Srinivasan and Raghavan. Madurai Srinivasan’s name is on the top as of today,” a senior BJP State leader in Chennai has said when ‘Lotus Times’ contacted him on September 4th 2019.
Mr.K.T.Raghavan is a popular face of the State BJP, a spokesperson, he contested elections and is  a saffron face who emerged from temple town Kanchipuram. Likewise, Prof.Dr.R.Srinivasan comes from temple town Madurai. Both Srinivasan and Raghavan owe their origins to important temple spots in Tamil Nadu.
BJP cadres have expressed their opinions to concerned district leaders in the past one week that the next State president too should be a person who toiled for the BJP from the beginning and made it visible. 
A youth wing leader of the State youth wing in Tamil Nadu has said on September 3rd 2019 that it will be good if other party leaders who joined the BJP just now are not considered for party president post at least for this term from the year 2019. As
As per information available today, Prof.Dr.R.Srinivasan is emerging as the first choice for next State president in view of the work done by him at ground level in Madurai Zone with his innovative ideas and through TV debates. At the same time, the party top command is also aware of the sharp / legal / intellectual ability of Mr.K.T.Raghavan who takes on the opposition parties’ criticism in media debates and other fora. Mr.Raghavan too commands lot of respect with his knowledge and incisive analytical ability in various issues.
“We will see who will be picked as our State president……But the top names or either Srinivasan or Raghavan. In a few days, the announcement will be made and we are waiting for the national leadership to make its choice soon,” a senior leader in the state unit has said on September 4th 2019.      
But, Madurai’s Prof.Dr.R. Srinivasan and Chennai’s K.T.Raghavan names are doing rounds at national level. All eyes are now on Modi, Amit Shah and Nadda. The information available today is that the signal is in favour of Srinivasan as Tamil Nadu BJP chief. 
Prof. Dr. R. Srinivasan – Madurai

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