CHENNAI: Article 370 is gone. India is celebrating, Jammu and Kashmir is saying kudos to Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and to the BJP. Jammu and Kashmir is reverberating with joy for the true August Independence 2019.
Since the entire nation is backing this bold historic decision, it looks certain that the BJP on its own will win 370 LOK SABHA seats in the next general elections of LS mandate 2024. Because, the people are welcoming the BJP decision.
The true meaning of unity and integrity in our Constitution is going to be fully visible and reflected on this coming Independence Day on August 15th 2019 Thursday, thanks to the THINK-TANK DUO of Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi and Home Minister Mr.Amit Shah, who took steps to abrogate Article 370 and integrated Jammu and Kashmir in full terms into India. Kashmir people are celebrating the Indian tri-colour and one Constitution. Bharat Matha Ki Jai.
Leaving no stone unturned, the Modi-Shah combine who were ably assisted / guided by security experts’ team led by National Security Advisor Mr.Ajit Doval, gave a befitting reply by revoking Article 370 and other special status provisions to the Jammu and Kashmir State by majority passing of the reorganisation Bills in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in August 2019.What was the domination of three parties, sorry three dynasties -three families – gets ended with this abrogation of Article 370. 
The Abdullahs, the Muftis and the Gandhis will no longer have sway in the Kashmir valley and the terror State Pakistan is bound to fall in line because  Jammu and Kashmir’s security, its people’s development, jobs, infrastructure, employment, welfare and funding etc will be under Centre’s domain too like any other State government. Ofcourse, there will be local representatives too. The Ladakh too is safe now.
CONGRESS IS IN QUANDARY, ABDULLAHS ARE IN BAD SHAPE AND MUFTI’s were made to mend their ways to welcome one Constitution, one nation and Kashmir people’s welfare.  Modi mantra is development and only development. Religion and appeasement have no place in his dictionary.

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