MADURAI: From a simple housewife belonging to an ordinary family in DRO Colony in Madurai, she has reached up to the PMO in Delhi. Now, our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi knows her as a startup entrepreneur. She was invited to meet the PM when he came to Madurai on January 27th 2019. This successful woman thanks PM because “he introduced me to India.”
This has been the successful journey cum transformation of a village origin woman-turned-successful small entrepreneur aiming big, Mrs.S.Arulmozhi, in just over over two years, thanks to the high impact development schemes of PM Modi, namely MUDRA bank loan and GEM (Govt E-Marketing).
Her business success from a small venture of supplying stationery items through Modi Govt’s transparent public tender opportunity made her a busy woman these days as she procures / supplies products to Central government institutions across India via e-tenders. Mrs.S.Arulmozhi is now a role-model small entrepreneur who made it big with her passion from the first loan of Rs.50,000 she had obtained in the last quarter of 2016. The business turnover at present too made her all the more confident.

“I completed teacher training course but could not go for job due to family, children, domestic… timings…….So, I thought of doing business from home and then saw GEM….I registered my name in September 2016….waited and the first order was for only just Rs.234 for stamp pads to Health ministry office in Delhi….I supplied them and today I do not know how to thank our PM Modi because he made me popular and led to good business volume,” a beaming Mrs.S.Arulmozhi, said on February 1st 2019.    
She is now receiving business orders to supply pens / pencils / erasers/ fans / A4 papers/ brooms etc for Central government offices in many States because “I have maintained quality and timing besides low cost tender……Officers are surprised with our delivery peed and low cost…….I waited for two months for the first order two years ago but today I am fully occupied with the orders I am getting…I have no words to express thanks to the Prime Minister,” says Mrs.Arulmozhi who sends the supplies through our national carrier India Post from Madurai city.
Mrs.S.Arulmozhi has so far completed 782 Billings under the Modi Government’s e-marketing GEM and she is eager to meet the PM in New Delhi after completing 1,000 orders.
“When I got the call to meet our PM Mr.Modi on Jan 27th in Madurai, I could not believe….It was a surprise gift……I came from a small village Thottappanaikanur near Usilampatti in Madurai district……Today, my business venture named as KOMAGAL is able to supply products to several States in our country……And, they are happy with our quality too…..The feedback is encouraging and motivating,” she adds. 
This housewife turned standalone startup entrepreneur Mrs.Arulmozhi is buoyant because her family is very happy with this  business venture.
“When I took the first MUDRA loan from Bharatiya Mahila Bank two years ago, I pledged my jewels and went with a project report……But, today I could get bank loan in few lakhs because I am prompt and my orders / stock statement / product delivery say it all,” she says.
This upcoming Madurai woman entrepreneur spends hours on products packing and dispatch, sometimes going till late night. Her supplies go to States like Himachal Pradesh, Andamans, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Orissa etc…and ofcourse to places like Neyveli in Tamil Nadu.
On February 1st 2019 Friday afternoon, when ‘Lotus Times’ news website ( visited her business place in D.R.O.Colony, Mrs.Arulmozhi was ready with her next round of parcel deliveries to ICAR offices in Uttarakhand and Orissa.
“I must thank our PM because the tenders are open and transparent….Persons like me get a chance…..I made use of the internet and my smart phone mobile….From a village I came and Mr.Narendra Modi gave me face and made me popular…..When I had the chance to meet him on January 27th 2019 public meeting in Madurai, he said ‘Vanakkam’…….’Ungalukku Santhoshama (are u happy) and he said best wishes for my business……What more can an ordinary woman like me expect…..,” she joyfully says.    
Since she is giving low competitive prices and maintaining quality of supplies, the business turnover is steady…..She gets the payment very soon thanks to the swiftness of Modi government transactions and Mrs.Arulmozhi of Madurai is indeed a great entrepreneurial product out of Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi’s MUDRA loan concept for small businesses.
Congratulations for a chance to meet our PM Modi and all the best to you….You are an example of how MODI MODIFIED THE MINDS……TOWARDS SUCCESS. 


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