MADURAI: “The beginning of the growth of national force BJP has begun in Tamil Nadu…and simultaneously the beginning of the end of Dravidian rule has begun in Tamil Nadu. Our party cadres must quickly realise that the rain has started and the electoral field is fertile for the BJP in good governance-starved Tamil Nadu.”

These were the words of advise and motivation from Rajya Sabha MP and senior BJP leader Mr.L.Ganesan during his visit to Madurai on April 8 (Saturday) when he gave an exclusive interview to ‘Lotus Times’ while travelling to Ramanathapuram where he attended party meetings and took stock of the situation for putting up a solid road map to the party for victory in elections.
“I appeal to all our cadres and party workers to work with a killer instinct. We need that in BJP to garner votes. We must acknowledge that this killer instinct is abundant especially in DMK. The two Dravidian parties – AIADMK and DMK – did not grow overnight…their cadres put up a lot of hardwork and I repeat, they worked with killer instinct. Let our BJP cadres learn only that good thing from them and work properly for our party’s success in Tamil Nadu, the future is ours,” Mr.Ganesan has said.
He pointed out that there is lot of potential to shift/attract votes to the BJP from the present faction-ridden AIADMK since there is a common vote bank. “There is a huge section which voted for the AIADMK just only to defeat the rival DMK. This I call as a negative vote bank within the ruling party. We must tap those voters towards us. Then, our party has to focus on middle class, upper middle class, urban and semi-urban voters who voted for Jayalalithaa. But, since the political situation has changed today after her demise and things are volatile, the BJP must reach out to sections which are not inclined to vote for split AIADMK in the absence of Jayalalithaa,” he observed.
However, the senior leader had stressed that the BJP is not a political party which exploits a situation, calamity or death of a leader etc. “We all know that there is a vacuum in Tamil Nadu’s political space and I am happy that our party is steadily growing. The BJP, I will say, is God’s creation and nationalist minds worked for it. The Sangh Parivar is there for us with its vote bank through their hard work and if BJP cadres also pitch in with killer instinct, we can defeat the Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu,” Mr.Ganesan said sharing his thoughts for the future.
Earlier, on his arrival at the Madurai airport in the morning, he was received by party leaders including State secretary Prof.Dr.R.Srinivasan, district president Saseeraman, district treasurer O.B.Gopidas and others. After addressing the mediapersons at the airport, Mr.Ganesan left for Ramanathapuram.

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