MADURAI: BJP State Secretary Prof.R.Srinivasan has appealed to the people of Tamil Nadu to get rid of Dravidian politics and think in terms of national mainstream because five decades of Dravidian parties’ rule has damaged the State and peoples life very badly.

“Dravidian politics has always been anti-Hindi, anti-Hindu, anti-Sanskrit, anti-North, anti-God and anti-brahmin. To put it simply, Dravidian parties and their politics is against the idea of India,” he thundered at a seminar organised by the BJP Madurai district intellectual cell in Madurai on February 18.

Prof.Srinivasan explained that the word Dravida denotes geography and the word Arya signifies the qualities of a ritual person. 

“The two words -Arya and Dravida -are not equated with races, but it was the conspiracy of the British to divide the people as Arya and Dravida. The minds of Tamil Nadu people got poisoned because of the British conspiracy. Swami Vivekananda and Baba Saheb Ambedkar rejected the Arya-Dravidian theory,” he added. 

Informing that there are 45,000 temples in Tamil Nadu, Prof.Srinivasan said that people in Tamil Nadu have faith in God but it was Tamil Nadu politics that is predominantly atheist.

“Tamil society is actually nationalist in character. The first political resolution of the Indian National Congress held in Mumbai in the year 1885 was proposed by Tamils, they supported Gandhiji and Swami Vivekananda, Tamils responded to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s call for freedom struggle,” he told the gathering.

Prof.Srinivasan has lashed out at Dravidian parties by stating that Tamil politics right now is not nationalist and what they are doing is only separatist politics.

BJP Madurai district president Saseeraman, senior party leader Narayanan Thirupathi from Chennai and O.P.Sundara Rajan, BJP intellectual cell president, Madurai district were among those who spoke at the seminar.

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